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The Guide to Dog Training

If you are a new puppy owner and looking for some ideas on how to train them, see this post for ways to help you effectively train your new friend in the home. Read on for more.

One of the skills you need to learn so as to so effectively train your dog is listening to the dog. One of the things that you need to be sensitive to is the fact such as you dog being uneasy meeting other dogs, animals and or people and if this be the case, then you need not insist anyway that they do so. In case you notice that they are that uncomfortable, you need to note that they are essentially communicating that they are not easy with such and as a parent you need to respect that as part of their natural wiring. As a matter of fact, if you attempt forcing them to be otherwise, you will principally be setting them up for bigger problems later in life.

Generosity with affection is the other key skill that as a dog parent you need to learn and master as you seek to successfully and effectively train your furry friend brought home. It has been the case oftentimes that dog parents will never mince words and be very clear with their dogs when they happen to stray in behavior or do something that they find offensive or wrong. Many however fail in letting the dogs know of their approval of the good stuff that they may have done. Generally, all that can be said of this trend is that it is nothing short of a big mistake in so far as the need to effectively train your dog goes. Note the fact that it is quite important for you to ensure that your dog gets as much of the attention and praise for the good things that they do just in the same measure that they would be punished for the wrong things and errant behavior that they may have displayed or done. In the cases where they do right and score for good boys, praise and affection would be worthy. It is in such times that you would be warranted to be overboard with your affection towards them which can be shown in extra treats, praise and attention to them.

Now that we have mentioned treats, this is yet another area where you should be well polished in when it comes to the need to effectively train your canine friend in the home. In so far as this is concerned, you need to make sure that the particular treats that you want to have for them is one that they in actual sense like and enjoy. Beware of the fact that some dogs happen to be quite choosy when it comes to the things that they love to eat.

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